Sunday, March 23, 2008

2.22 Week Links

Survey Says: Read Al Mohler's observations on a recent survey on what America thinks about sin.

Quotes: The author of one of my favorite books has his own blog & almost daily posts some great quotes.

Facebook: I knew this would get your attention. What do Josh Harris & Facebook have in common? Here and here.

Funny: What if worship were like an NBA Game? Watch this.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Pastor Chris Williams Speaks to 2.22

On February 26 of this year, the 222 group had the privilege of meeting together and praying for our brother Chris Williams, the chairman of Grace to India and pastor of Disciples Community Church. Chris was our speaker for this year's mission conference, we received a huge blessing by having Mr. Williams in one of our student's homes, praying over him for specific situations and people in his life back in India and how we as a group can support him in any way we can.

We want to continue to pray for our brother as he travels to Myanmar and to Thailand as he visits local churches to encourage and to train pastors.

For the Retired Military Police group in Thailand, as Chris has seen men come to Christ and has seen many of them bear fruit, pray that God would continue to be glorified through these men.

We also would like to pray for Vichalle, a young man in Chris's life who just recently has received assurance of his Salvation, there are many ways that Vichalle can be and wants to be used in India, pray that he would continue to grow in the Grace and knowledge of our God and that God would use Him mightily.

Also for Chris's son, Stephen who we believe is about to graduate from seminary, pray for wisdom and guidance that it would be made clear to Him as to where God wants him to be now that he has completed his studies. For Chris's family, as they miss him very much as he travels, that God would comfort and strengthen His wife during this time.

Pray for a school group in India that Chris is involved in. Children are abandoned by their parents and brought to this school. They are raised there and the Word is taught, but recently Chris has seen that when children are grown up and move on that no fruit is seen and they then become part of the world and neglect what they have been taught. Please pray that the children would be doers of the word as they move out.

If you'd like to contact Chris Williams and send him your encouragement, you can E-mail him at
chriswilliams AT vsnl DOT com.

Thank you all for welcoming him this year.

-This report submitted by Chris Kay.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Many thanks to Michael Hamline for teaching on the subject of forgiveness this week. He took us through the parable of the unforgiving servant found in Matthew 18:21-35 as we continued our series on Relationships.

As you continue to think about forgiveness, I want to briefly list a couple of helpful books that might interest you. I've just listed them below without any hyperlinks, but you can go to any of the trusted book suppliers listed at the bottom of the sidebar to purchase a copy.

Forgiveness, John MacArthur

Choosing Forgiveness, Nancy Leigh DeMoss

The Healing Power of Forgiveness, Ray Pritchard

From Forgiven to Forgiving, Jay Adams

You might also check out some of these online sermons & articles on forgiveness at

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pastor Lance Quinn Guest on Dr. Mohler's Radio Program

This past Thursday, March 6, our very own pastor, Lance Quinn was the guest on Al Mohler's daily radio program. The topic was "Biblical Counseling and the Local Church."

You can listen by going here, then you can stream it or download it for your iPod.
Another of our own - Peter Witkowski - is currently studying at The Southern Baptist Seminary, where Dr. Mohler presides as President.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Guest Blogger: Beth Riley

Beth Riley has been reading the book "Relationships" along with our Tuesday night study on the same topic. She's been blogging about it on her own blog, and I asked her to share some thoughts with us.

No Options!

“We know we are less than human when we are alone.”

There are two extremes on the pendulum of relationship; isolation and immersion. The Isolationist says, “I want to be safe” and the immersionist says, “I need you in order to live (17).”
It is interesting how my views fall in the pendulum. For example, I definitely fear vulnerability with people. I cleave at times to self preservation instead of reaching out to the individual. Then, at other times, I think my life is pitiful because my dear friends from the past are not here, and I overlook the dear friendships that are being built here.

They go on to explain relationship interactions between two types of people.

-the frustrated relationship; one isolationist, who feels smothered, and one immersionist, who feels rejected.

-the emeshed relationship, two immersionist;so dependent on each other, that they can be easily hurt when the other does not meet their needs

-the isolated relationship; two isolationist;complicated because their desires for safety and independence collides with the longing for relationship.

“While relationships are not inherently dangerous, the expectations we bring to them can be (19).” In the words of Miah (from Princess Diaries) “Shut up”! I am disappointed in relationships normally because the other person does not meet the expectations I have imposed upon them. How silly, and yet I see this continually surfacing in my relationships. *hint prayer request

8 implications to enrich your community (relationships)

1. God is the only properly functioning community in the universe (21).
2. The Trinity is the only adequate model for human community (22)
3. People made in God's likeness were made for community (22).
4. God has a 2-fold purpose for human community: personal growth and witness to the world (23).
5. Sin's self-centeredness cuts us off from God and others(23).
6. True human community only arise out of communion with God (23).
7. Christ's resolve confirms the commitment made by the Father, Son, and Spirit before the creation of the world (24).
8. God will dwell in community with his people so that they can know community with one another

In conclusion, I don't want to give everything away in the chapter because there is rich truth found in the content of the above point.

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I thought I'd try something new in the sidebar... let me know if you like it or not. I've added what I'm calling the "Feature Feed". Once per month, I will help introduce you to another helpful blog by way of "featuring" it in the sidebar.

This month, we'll feature the New Attitude blog. So, what you are seeing under the "Feature Feed" header is the latest 5 posts over at the Na blog. The idea is to acquaint you with some blogs that you might not be aware of. Most of the blogs that will be featured will already be listed in the blogroll, but this will help further your familiarity with them.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Blog Under Construction

Your patience is appreciated as I'm doing some much needed updating to the blog. All the blog posts are still available below and in the archives tab on the right. The other sidebar items will return gradually. Meanwhile, let me know what you think about the new design & what you'd like to see added.