Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2 Special Guests Coming to 2.22

Please make a point to be at 2.22 on Tuesday, October 2nd and October 30th (well, and all the Tuesdays in between, too). On these particular dates, we will have the opportunity to hear from two men from two totally different fields, and yet both have a passion for our Lord.

John F. Redman, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.A.P. is well known professor in the field of pediatric urology at UAMS. After a dramatic conversion late in his life, he has become passionate about sharing the gospel with the lost. He will be giving his testimony, explaining his method for evangelism, and then giving a demonstration of how it works. We're looking forward to having Dr. Redman join us at 2.22 on October 2nd.

On October 30th, we'll have the privilege of hearing from Stephen Nichols. He'll be in town preaching at BCLR the previous Sunday, and presenting a message during Wednesday's Reformation Celebration. Here is what Tim Challies, of Discerning Reader says of Nichols:

Stephen Nichols is quite the prolific author. A professor at Lancaster Bible College and Graduate School and a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, Nichols has written several notable books in the past few years and it seems that he always has at least one title on the “Coming Soon” lists at Crossway or P&R Publishing. Nichols has a gift for presenting church history in a way that is interesting and in a way that appeals to those who may not otherwise know (or care) about the long, storied history of the church. He shows how church history is relevant precisely because the controversies we face today are strikingly similar to ones the church has dealt with long ages ago.

Here's what Aaron Wilson says of Nichols:

He must be cool...he's a Cash fan.

Stephen will be sharing with our group from his studies on Jonathan Edward's vision of the Christian life, featured in his book "Heaven on Earth". He'll also be sharing about Edward's view of evangelism and conversion and the Holy Spirit's role in illumination.

Both speakers will be preparing us for a Fall series by Pastor Jeff on communicating the gospel to our lost world. We'll see you there!

New Attitude News

If you don't already get the Na newsletter via email, I've pasted it below. You can subscribe here at the Na blog. Remember, we will be taking a group to the '08 Na Conference, (May 24-27, 2008) so you'll want to be sure to keep up with everything that's going on.

Greetings from Na.

The conference might seem like a distant memory now, but we haven't taken a day off. We're continuing our vision for humble orthodoxy, adding new friends to help, and dancing to new music in our offices.
Our Vision
If you haven't noticed, we're pretty excited about this humble orthodoxy thing. Eric Simmons, who leads Na, laid out the vision for why Na is all about humble orthodoxy in a recent blog post. And for the past two weeks our new bloggers have talked about why they're committed to a humble orthodoxy.
New Friends
Oh yes, the new bloggers. Joining Joshua Harris, Eric Simmons, and Ricky Alcantar are Thabiti Anyabwile, Justin Taylor, Doug Hayes, Isaac Hydoski, Joe Stigora, and Justin Buzzard. They come from the east coast and west coast, from inside and outside Sovereign Grace Ministries, from different backgrounds, from differing degrees of athleticism and…well maybe you should just see for yourself. They've already tackled issues like social justice, hypocrisy, and the proper use of adjectives. Check in often. We want to make the blog a place you can stop during the week and get a dose of transforming truth, practical application, and humble orthodoxy.
Music to Dance To in Our Offices
Oh, and if you missed out on the new Nap Records album Asleep In a Storm when it sold out at the conference this year, we have good news: It's back in stock. Available in both digital and holdable versions. Forget reinvention. Embrace a humble orthodoxy.
-The Na Crew