Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Spirit Then. The Spirit Now. TOR14

The Spirit Then. The Spirit Now.
Acts 8:26-40

Lets take a spiritual diagnostic. From Acts 8:26-40, we see 4 comparisons between how the Spirit led Philip and how the Spirit leads today.

I. Philip receiving direct revelation compared to you indirectly discerning God’s will (vv. 26 – 29)

a. The Spirit led Philip through direct revelation
b. The Spirit again led Philip through direct revelation

II. Philip’s ministering the Word compared to you ministering the Word (vv. 30 – 35)

a. Philip providentially heard the eunuch reading Isaiah (our same Isaiah) (v. 30)
b. Philip taught the eunuch through redemptive history – connecting the dots that culminate with “the good news about Jesus” (v. 35)

III. The Spirit regenerating the eunuch compared to the Spirit regenerating people today (vv. 36 – 38)

a. The eunuch’s new heart spontaneously desired to obey (vv. 36 – 37)
b. The eunuch was baptized (v. 39)
c. The eunuch “went on his way rejoicing” (v. 39)

IV. The Spirit’s transportation service then compared to now (vv. 39 - 40)

a. “the Spirit…carried Philip away” (v. 39)
b. “the eunuch saw him no more” (v. 39)
c. Philip passed through towns and preached the gospel (v. 40)

Take-Home Questions:

1. Do you assume that the Holy Spirit is leading you? (Rom. 8:14)
2. Do you assume being led by direct revelation takes less faith then being led by personal discernment?
3. Do you assume the Lord speaking by direct revelation meant He was more involved in early church ministry?
4. Do you assume the Spirit’s leadership is as precise as it was in the early church?
5. Do you assume the Spirit places people in your path for you to sow, water, and reap with the Gospel?
6. Do you assume Word of God can bring radical transformation when someone understands it?
7. Do you assume you are a person who can explain the Word of God to others and that the Spirit will lead you to do so?
8. Do you assume that people with regenerate hearts will spontaneously obey?
9. Do you assume you know the Spirit’s plan for your life – going to a Samaria – the desert – Azotus?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Joy and Pain of Authentic Gospel Ministry

Last night Pastor Jeff picked up with the revolution in Acts chapter 8 and the apparent conversion of Simon the magician.

The Joy and Pain of Authentic Gospel Ministry

I. The seed of the martyr is sown (Acts 8:1-3)

II. The message is spread through Samaria (Acts 8:4-8)

a. Spiritual opposition (Acts 8:9-11)
b. Genuine belief (Acts 8:12)
c. Alleged belief (Acts 8:13)

III. The harvest is affirmed by Apostles (Acts 8:14-17)

IV. The apostate is rebuked by Apostles (Acts 8:18-25)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Door of Hope Concert

Join us for a free night of music and missions.
Bible Church of Little Rock
19111 Cantrell Road, LR AR 72223
for more information visit

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New College Equipping Hour Class

If you are between the ages of 18-22 consider joining our new College-Aged class. We are meeting during equipping hour (9am) every Lord’s Day in room A-208, and are launching a new study on Colossians called Christ Preeminent - Christ in you.

Whether you are a local university or college student, a young professional, or a rising senior we want to warmly welcome you to this class. Our purpose is to build relationships, worship together, to be challenged by the truth and to more intimately know the Lord.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Light Contrasting Darkness - TOR12

Last night we ended chapter 7 of Acts and once again someone died. This time it's not because someone lied to God, it's because someone lived for God. Have you ever wondered why Jesus stood up for Stephen as he was being stoned to death? Pastor Jeff addressed this intriguing question and took us into the incredible true story of the martyrdom of Stephen.

Light Contrasting Darkness Acts 7:54-60

I. A Dark Response (v. 54)
II. An Illumined Perspective (v. 55)
III. An Illumined Testimony (v. 56)
IV. A Dark Attack (vv. 57-58)
V. Illumined Prayers (vv. 59-60)

Take-home points:

  1. It is dangerous to your soul to let anger fester
  2. Witnessing should first be about God before its about people
  3. When your witness is rejected, people are rejecting first God before you
  4. Try not to lose hope over lost people – God saves a murderer
  5. The ultimate end of unrepentant anger is murder
  6. Even if you’re not a Martyr, die praying like Jesus prayed

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