Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jude: The Believer's Hope

Michael Hamline concluded our 5 week study through Jude by preaching the last two doxological verses - 24 and 25.

Believers are shown 2 marvelous realities about God that must lead them to exalt Him.

I. The Reality of God's Graciousness (v. 24)
A.He Guards Our Way
B.He Completes Our Salvation

1.It results in total sinlessness
2.It results in overflowing gladness

II. The Reality of God's Greatness (v. 25)

A.It is Manifested in God's Uniqueness

B.It is Manifested in God's Attributes

1.Of Glory
2.Of Majesty
3.Of DominionOf Authority


1) Our trust and confidence should be in God to keep us. If we are trusting in anything else then our confidence is empty.
2) As believers our hearts should be at rest knowing that it is God who is guarding/keeping us. We shouldn't fear losing our salvation.
3) Rejoice that we can trust in the promises of God to keep us safe until Christ's return.
4) Must inspect ourselves to make sure we are not stumbling and/or straying into sin. Keep a close watch on our own heart.
5) Thank God for the perfecting work he is bringing about in our lives.
6) Celebrate and overflow with joy realizing that you get to be in the very presence of God. Ask yourself if you have joy at meeting with God presently? Do you enjoy the fellowship you have with God through prayer and Scripture reading?
7) Recognize God's priority to cleanse us from all sin and take time now to flee from the sin in our own lives and put it to death.
8) What is competing for God's unique place in our live? What is crowding Him out?
9) We should acknowledge on a daily basis the attributes of God that belong to Him.
10) Are your thoughts, words, and actions bearing testimony to the fact that God is in control and is over all things?

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Jude: The Enemy Defeated

Michael Hamline brought us Part 4 of our 5 week study through Jude and he showed us the ultimate defeat of the enemy we've been reading about, as well as the believer's response to such enemys.

Believers are given 3 reminders on how to contend for the faith against false teachers:

I. Reminder of the Judgment Against False Teachers (v. 14-16)

II. Reminder of the Presence of False Teachers (v. 17-19)

III. Reminder of the Response to False Teachers (v. 20-23)

A. Respond With God Honoring Lives (v. 20-21)
B. Respond With Christlike Love (v. 22-23)

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