Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jeff's Announcement

Greetings 2.22,

If you weren't there on Sunday, Judy and I announced that I have just received and accepted the call to be the senior pastor of Anchorage Grace Church. That's right Anchorage, Alaska. We believe the Lord has directed this decision and given us the desires of our hearts (Ps. 37:4). We just didn't know Alaska was our heart's desire until God opened this opportunity up for us!

Allow me to express my deep gratitude for the part you played at 2.22 and in our lives. It has been our humble and unique privilege to minister the Word to you through teaching and personal discipleship. The Lord has taught us valuable lessons through 2.22 - lessons that will carry over to Anchorage Grace Church. I count your impact on our lives as what in large measure is launching us on this new adventure. So thank you!

As you know, Aaron and Anita have been the glue and gasoline for 2.22 for a long time! So, it is my joy to report that Aaron will take the lead for 2.22 this summer. Here's the plan, Lord willing: There will be no regular Thursday night meetings in May, but there will still be a couple of opportunities for fellowship, including a movie night at Elizabeth Howell's home. Then in June, Aaron will be leading a study during the summer months - with the help of a few "guest" speakers - that I trust will be a blessing to you all. There will also be the monthly fellowship opportunities.

The May events, summer study and fellowship opportunities will all be announced via email & the blog very soon.

We love you and will miss you. Grace and peace,