Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2.22 Christmas Party Photos

Photos from Tuesday night's Christmas Party are now available. Just click on any of the photos below to go to the whole album. Or just click here.

We had a great turnout and a great time. We were able to appreciate Jeff & Judy with a nice "twin" gift of 2 cards, 2 Starbucks coffee mugs, 2 $15 Starbucks gift cards and 2 crisp $100 bills! Thanks to all who contributed!

Enjoy the photos and Merry Christmas! Don't forget about the New Year's Party!

A few photos from the "Dirty Santa" gift exchange:

Rachel Riggan is back! She got John Owen's "The Glory of Christ"...did she keep it though???

Pastor Jeff got a purple stuffed animal...he didn't have to worry about anyone stealing it.

Michael Klamm tried some creative advertising...but no takers...I think he ended up pawning the stuff off to my kids.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Year's Eve Fellowship

New Year's Eve Fellowship at the family home of Beth Riley

8:30PM to 12:01AM - Sunday night, January DECEMBER 31st :o)

email Beth to let her know what you can bring from the following list:

Snack Food (4-5 people)
Dessert (3-4 people)
Cups, plates, flatware
Card Tables - 4 or 5

You may also contact Beth via email for directions.

When you arrive at the house, please park on the road and not in the driveway.They need to be careful walking down the walkway because it is steep. We will put something out by the mailbox so that you can find the right house.

*DISCLAIMER: 2.22 has never partied like this before (Christmas AND New Years?), so don't get used to it. :o)

Monday, December 11, 2006

2.22 Christmas Party - December 19th

Here's a food list & quantities needed for the upcoming Christmas party...just find something that you'd like to bring, and email Anita to let her know. If you'd like to bring something that isn't on the list, that's fine too, just let Anita know.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

(8) - 2 liter drinks
(2) - cheese dips
(4) - tortilla chips
(6) - desserts
(6) - appetizers/finger food

*Bringing food is not required to attend the party! :o)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

CHANGE of New Email Address!!

Sorry for the confusion, but 2.22 will once again have a new Email address!!

I have been having trouble with the sbcglobal address, so, from this point on, please use the following address for any 2.22 related correspondance:

222mission AT gmail DOT com

Be sure and add this to your address book, and you might also want to indicate in your email provider that this won't be a Junk/Spam address (sometimes when you receive an email addressed to an entire list of recipients, your email provider will block it as potential spam - I'm finding this to be true for those of you with Yahoo addresses).

If you are not receiving 2.22 emails, please
send an email to the new address with the word "SUBSCRIBE" in the Subject line. Please Note: 2.22 emails are DIFFERENT from the 2.22 Blog Feedblitz. If you are subscribed to Feedblitz, you will receive any updates to the 2.22 Blog. The 2.22 email list is for any time sensitive announcement that wouldn't be appropriate for the blog (missionary updates, fellowship opportunities, etc.). IOW, you need to be subscribed to BOTH! :o)

Also, I will be checking this email daily, but it will only be checked in the evenings, so if it's time sensitive, be sure and send it early enough to allow for my response. Again, here is what to use this new email address for:

~Emails that you want me to forward to the group
~Blog articles
~Your change of email address
~Any other 2.22 related information

Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

2.22 Christmas Party - December 19th

I hope you've marked your calender for Tuesday, December 19th. 2.22 will hold it's 2nd Annual Christmas Party at 6:30pm at the home of Aaron & Anita Wilson.

We will once again play "Dirty Santa", so bring a gift to exchange if you want to play ($5-$7). Last year produced some great books as highly coveted gifts, and as well as the not-so-coveted Kung Fu fighting hamster.

Michael Martin has graciously offered to deep fry a turkey for us this year (if you had any last year, then you'll remember how good it was!). For other food items, please sign up during the upcoming 2.22 meetings on Tuesdays. If you can't be here to sign up, please email Anita to find out what to bring.

Please be sure to invite any and all college students who will be returning for the holidays - many of them do not get our emails nor read the blog, so we want to extend the invitation to them by word of mouth.

Hope to see you there!

Oh yeah...also reserve your New Year's Eve for a 2.22 fellowship at the home of Beth Riley. Devotional, food & games will begin at 8:30pm. Watch the blog for more details.