Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas as a Child...

As promised in an earlier email, here are the childhood pics of many of your fellow 2.22ers & leaders. Guess who?
(If you see a big black space below, keep scrolling down to see the pics. Apparently Blogger has an unresolved bug right now!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2.22 Christmas Party - December 18th

On the 18th, in lieu of our regular 2.22 meeting, we'll gather at the home of Aaron & Anita Wilson for our 3rd annual Christmas party. We'll begin at 6:30 with lots of great food - including a juicy, deep fried Turkey! If you haven't signed up for food yet, send an email to Anita & she'll suggest something for you to bring. Also, be shopping for your Dirty Santa gift ($5 - $10 range) to bring for a good round of Christian thievery and back stabbing (Hint: good books always make for some serious action).

Also - we're going to play a fun guessing game at the party - and I need your help. I need everyone to send me a picture of yourself - as a child - at Christmas. It can be a pic of you opening a gift... or in front of the tree, etc. Please can scan your pics (since there were no digital cameras in the 80's & 90's) at a good resolution (2 - 3 MB) & email them to me at (send them ASAP!!) If you don't have access to a scanner, bring me the actual photo in an envelope with your name on it, and I'll scan it and get it back to you. The more that participate, the funner (funnier) it will be. The more that participate, the funner (funnier) it will be. Plus, we might even get to see a picture of Jeff Crotts opening his first Chia pet or Judy's blue, Shawn Cassidy jacket, or Anita Wilson's Easy Bake Oven... or worse!

Check your inbox for the address to our house, or just email with any questions. Also, check out pics from the last two parties over in the left side bar.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2.22 Week Links

Remember these? Here's a few of the latest links in cyberworld...

Movies - Does the Golden Compass point in the right direction? Al Mohler gives an extremely helpful overview of the movie & instruction on how Christians should react.
Movies (Part 2) - The 2nd Narnia movie "Prince Caspian" has released it's trailer.

Politics '08 - A good reminder of how we should approach the upcoming presidential elections.

Christmas Gift for Others - Josh Harris has a great suggestions for a Christmas gift - journals!

Christmas Gift for You - Books make great gifts - for you! Here's a helpful OT commentary hot off the press.